Migratory Bird Crisis

There is an alarming decrease in number of waterfowl and species that visit Pakistan every year from Siberia due to harsh weather conditions in Russia. Hundreds of thousands of migratory birds are being killed due to illegal hunting. About a decade ago, one million birds used to migrate from Siberia every year, now that number has declined by almost 80%.

Illegal hunting severely affects the biodiversity as migratory birds provide ecological benefits because they prey on insects and weeds, thus contributing directly towards the betterment of agriculture at no cost.

Besides illegal hunting, use of pesticides, land reclamation and deforestation are other factors that are impacting the migratory birds.

Migratory Geese

Different waterfowl species migrating from Siberia come here after covering a distance of about 4,500km using the Indus Flyway, also known as the International Migratory Bird Route Number 4. In recent years, illegal hunting of these birds have been increased dramatically. Some people have witnessed illegal hunters killing thousands of birds in a single day and going back with van loads of slaughtered birds. Due to this, some species of migratory waterfowl in Pakistan have disappeared altogether.

BCSP ask our members and anyone who appreciate and love these migrating guests in our country to please report any violations of the hunting laws you have witnessed in your place to the wildlife departments of your area.

We also need volunteers for observations and monitoring of visiting species of waterfowl. Please do contact us if you are interested in becoming part of our volunteering program.