Mohsin Awan,  Director & Founder

Mohsin is a bird aficionado with lifelong passion for birds, nature and conservation. With a commitment for research, ornithology and conservation of wild birds & their habitats in Pakistan, he founded BCSP.

In his spare time, he also maintains a website called Avicultural Library on his another favorite subject,

Conservation Through Aviculture:




Wajid Khan,  Finance & Administration

With having a great interest in nature, Wajid is a founding member of society and is responsible for finance and administration activities of society. He is also responsible for expanding membership of the Society. Wajid has been working in finance and administration sector since 2011.






Zeeshan Anjum,  Research and Conservation

Zeeshan is responsible for science & conservation outreach and education. He also identify and set priorities for the species of birds and their habitats. He has done extensive field research on migratory waterfowl from Siberia at Khanpur Lake on Haro River.